Is Your Computer Infected by Malicious Software?

By Linda Lindquist, Certified Malware Removal Specialist,

I hear all the time, “I had NO idea that my computer is infected!”

What clues could you notice to suspect that your computer needs help?

  • Are you thinking of replacing your computer because it is old and slowing down?
  • When you open your browser:
    • Has your homepage switched to a bogus search box?
    • Are there new toolbars that you do not recall installing?
  • Do pop-ups scare you to fix problems or to call a “Windows support” number?
  • Are there new icons on your desktop for programs you do not recognize?
  • Are you having trouble connecting to the internet?
  • Does the computer fan make noise or run all the time?

These are the tell-tale signs that cyber-criminals and their malicious software (Malware) have invaded your computer.  It is possible to get them out.

What to do next is covered in my Kindle eBook, Keeping Your Computer Healthy, available on  If you suspect that you have Malware, call your favorite computer tech to help you restore your computer to health again.