No Internet

One of the most frequent call I get during the summer is about “no access to the internet“.

Problem: With all of the rain, thunder and especially lightning in Southwest Florida, the power fluctuates and goes out temporarily a lot!  This can play havoc with your internet modem / router box.  Sometimes, the box gets stuck, and your browser cannot get to the internet.

Solution: Rebooting your modem / router often resolves the problem.  Just follow this procedure to resolve:

1.      hold the modem / router in one hand and unplug its power cord with the other hand

2.      count to 30

3.      plug the power cord back into the modem / router

4.      wait for the modem to ‘cycle up’ (Power and DSL / Cable lights are solid and wifi is blinking)

5.      try to connect to the internet in your browser again

6.      you may have to restart your computer and reconnect the computer to the wifi also

If this does not work, your next call is to yout internet service provider (e.g., Centurylink, Comcast, Dish, etc.)