Symptoms of an Unhealthy Computer

You may miss the symptoms that your computer has been infected with malware. Listen to what I hear from my clients. See if you recognize any of these symptoms on your own computer.

“HELP! My Computer is SO SLO-O-OW!”

“HELP! I think I need a new computer, because this one acts so funny.”

“HELP! I cannot get my e-mail. My homepage disappeared??”

“HELP! Those new toolbars take up too much space.”

“HELP! I keep getting pop-ups!”

“HELP! I can’t connect to the Internet.”

“HELP! What are these new icons on my desktop?”

“HELP! Pop-ups from Microsoft Techs Support are saying that my computer has serious problems.”

You may notice that your computer is running slow, the fan is running a lot (noisy), your browser homepage disappeared, or new browser toolbars or desktop icons have appeared. If any of these things occur, then suspect malware. If you have any of the above symptoms, you have an unhealthy computer.

These are the cries for help that bring me and my expertise into people’s homes and small businesses every day. The causes and solutions are various, and these symptoms often reveal that Cyber-criminals have invaded your computer.

If you recognize that your computer is infected by malware, what can you do?

1) Order a copy of my easy to understand book “Keeping Your Computer Healthy” from The book describes how I remove malware from computers.

2) Call your favorite computer tech or malware removal specialist to clean up your computer.

3) Contact me for remote support: