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During September, we were all concerned with a different kind of security – that raised by the threat of an approaching Cat 5 Hurricane, named Irma.

  • We were concerned about our personal safety. We took Governor Scott’s pleading to heart and evacuated our homes – going to hurricane shelters, driving long hours out of state, going to more secure homes of friends.
  • We were concerned about our manufactured homes. Would they withstand the driving winds, predicted to be 130-185 MPH?


We are so grateful that we survived and are safe!

  • Constant prayers must have worked, because the storm lessened to a Cat 2 just as the eye passed through North Fort Myers.
  • Most of our homes are intact and standing.
  • However, many trees, roofs, lanais and carports suffered damage, fell, or blew away. We are now in hurricane cleanup mode.
  • Our services – electric, water, internet, TV, phones and cell phone service – were mainly back within five days.


We thank God for all we have, for our safety, for our homes, and for our caring neighbors.


Our community will recover and be healthy and whole again!