How Can You Remove Malware From Your Computer?


“HELP! My computer is slow and has pop-ups.” I often hear that “My computer is getting old. It is running slow, just like me.” (From my senior citizen clients) My response is, “It is probably infected. 98% of the computers I service are. I can help you detect and remove the Malware and return your computer to health.”

Removing malicious software (a.k.a. Malware), viruses, and adware is usually the first step toward speeding up a slow computer. I use a set of software tools that have been proven effective in detecting and removing these infections: AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, and CCleaner. These tools and how to use them are described in more detail in my easy to understand book “Keeping Your Computer Healthy”.

1) AdwCleaner – Download and install this tool from: I first check for adware infections because the tool runs quickly and it usually finds threats. To clean up the adware, it closes all open windows and requires a restart to remove what it has detected.

2) Malwarebytes – download and install this program from This diagnostic tool has a robust database of the ‘bad guys’. I configure the setting to detect root kits and treat anything it finds as malware. My procedure is to UPDATE its database, SCAN, REMOVE SELECTED (first see that all items are checked), and RESTART. Although the scan takes a while, the Malware and Viruses are gone.

3) Emsisoft Emergency Kit – download this tool from This diagnostic tool has a very robust database of ‘bad guys’. Install, join the network, enable PUPs, do a MALWARE SCAN and Quarantine anything it finds. Their scans are fast and this tool finds and removes Malware and Viruses.

4) CCleaner – download this tool from, and use the Tools tab to check for Installed Programs, Startups, and Browser Add-ons that look suspicious. The tool has functions to uninstall programs, disable Windows start-ups, disable scheduled tasks, and disable browser add-ons and extensions. Ask you favorite tech for help if you are not sure what to uncheck in its options.

Sometimes, the malware is more complex and needs the expertise of a computer technician or Certified Malware Removal Specialist. If you need help removing malware, contact me for advice:

Linda Lindquist
Keeping Your Computer Healthy