PREPARE YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE THE GRANDKIDS VISIT! – By Linda Lindquist, Keeping Your Computer Healthy


  • The good news is that your family have decided to visit during the holidays, including some of the grandkids and great grandkids!
  • The bad news is that they will want to use your computer while they are here!
  • The best news is that they bring their own devices and do not need to use yours!

Here are some tips to prepare for their visit and protect your computer:

WI-FI: If they bring their own smartphones, tablets and/or laptops, their first words (even before hello) are “Grandma / Granddad, how do we connect to your wi-fi?” Be prepared by knowing the SSID [name] and password of your router (you will impress them and be their hero!). Look for a pre-printed tag on the router box for this information. Write it down carefully (it is case-sensitive). They probably know how to configure this in their devices; they just need the information.

COMPUTER SECURITY SOFTWARE: Your computer anti-virus software may not be protecting your computer as well as you think. More robust computer security software blocks most intrusions tried by scammers, cyber-criminals, malware and viruses that try to steal your identity and money. They are often delivered by e-mail attachments and advertisements on web pages. Your family may be opening infected attachments or websites.

These are my recommendations for robust security software so that you do not need major computer service AFTER the kids leave:

1. EMSISOFT ANTI-MALWARE: this product is rated #1 protection against malware, viruses, ransomware by AV Comparatives.

2. ADGUARD: this advertising blocker product blocks ads and nasty Malvertisements whose payloads can deliver ransomware, malware and those scary fake Microsoft tech support pop-ups that try to scam you out of your money.

3. HEIMDAL FREE: this product keeps your 3rd party (non-Microsoft) software up-to-date automatically, so that it is not vulnerable to cyber-criminal infiltrations.

If you need help protecting your computer, call me a couple of weeks BEFORE you expect your family to arrive. Then sit back and enjoy their visit. Happy Holidays and healthy computing!