How can you tell if your computer has malware?

Have you ever wondered why your computer is running so much slower that it used to?  Do you know how to speed it up?  Do you confidently say, YES!  Or, do you painfully admit that you’re still working on it?

Malware is the #1 reason for slow computers!  If you want to know if malicious software is slowing down your computer, read on.

I do specific things to detect and remove malware and adware from my client’s computers. One is a simple software program that shows in a few minutes if the computer has malware.  You can download and run this program yourself to remove the culprits that slow down computers.  The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

  • Do a Google search: AdwCleaner Malwarebytes
  • Click on the website, and click on Download button (save to your Downloads folder)
  • Double click the downloaded installer (look in your Downloads file folder)
  • Click Agree to the Terms
  • Click Scan (it’s icon looks like a little blue BUG)
  • When the scan is done, click Clean and Reboot (Now)

When I started in 2008, I didn’t get what the big deal was about potentially unwanted programs (another name for Malware).  I thought removing it was a good idea but not that important.

But, I did a few things that helped me find and remove malware.  It wasn’t until after I removed all malware and adware from computers that I finally understood what was slowing down the computers. In just 5-10 minutes, using the steps above, I can reliably predict if a computer has malware and remove a lot of it.  You can do this too!  If I find any, I run other diagnostic tools to remove all of the malware, then install security software to keep their computers healthy.

Not only has this given me a starting place to work on computer problems, but I also get e-mails like this from the people I have helped.

“Linda was able to delve into my computer and it s complex problem and resolve all conflicts. She was determined to find the problem and get my computer running as it should. I cannot say how comforting it is to have found someone who has the skills it takes to make my life easier by getting the results she did on my computer. I was lost and now I am found. Thank you Linda for your excellent work.”

I still get goosebumps when I get emails like this… to know that I’ve had such an impact on people.

That’s why I believe that every computer needs to have malware removed and every computer user needs to be made aware how to recognize and avoid scammers and malware.

What’s your biggest challenge with your computer?  I’d love to hear from you.  Is it…

A:  Microsoft calls to report my computer is sending out errors

B:  My friends send me forwarded e-mails

C:  My computer is slow or freezes up

D:  I feel like I am computer illiterate