Malwarebytes released 2Q2017 report on Cybercrime

Some takeaway highlights from the report: – Ransomware is on the rise – encrypting files and stealing login credentials (70% of malware in June was ransomware!) You may have hard about the global Wannacry outbreak that effected 150 countries in June 2017. – Your action is to BACKUP YOUR FILES – to be able to […]

How Does Malicious Software Get Into Your PC?

The question I am most often asked is:  “I only do basic things like e-mail and Facebook!  How does this malware get into my computer?”   While there are many ways that your computer can be breeched, these are the top six common ways: E-mail:  You receive a FW: _____ (forwarded) email from a friend, […]

Have You Let a Stranger Into Your Computer?

By Linda Lindquist, Certified Malware Removal Specialist, You would not let a stranger into your home.  Right? So why would you let a stranger into your computer? They call you on your phone! They pop up on your browser with scary reports and alarms that your computer needs help and you will lose all […]

Is Your Computer Infected by Malicious Software?

By Linda Lindquist, Certified Malware Removal Specialist, I hear all the time, “I had NO idea that my computer is infected!” What clues could you notice to suspect that your computer needs help? Are you thinking of replacing your computer because it is old and slowing down? When you open your browser: Has your […]

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