8 Steps to Making Your Computer Easier to Use

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When I service my client’s computers, they often comment that it is confusing to find what they want to do, especially on Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. I add items to their computers that they tell me makes the computer easier to use.
This articles was designed to empower you to make these changes yourself. There are 8 steps, and at the end of implementing the steps, you will have raised your level of computer literacy and have an easier to use computer.
The steps will include the why, what and how to implement each of the following topics:
Install a familiar looking start menu
Set up your browser tabs for the web pages you frequently use
Set up bookmarks for your favorite websites on your bookmarks toolbar
Pin your most used applications to your taskbar
Save your passwords
Have effective protection software: anti-malware, anti-advertisement and patch management
Back up your personal files
Take Computer Literacy training classes