Pin Your Most Used Applications to Your Taskbar

WHY: Pinning a program to the taskbar makes it easy to open, even if other windows are already open.
There are several ways to open a program or application on your computer:
Open the start menu, find the program in the list of installed programs and click it (hardest)
Find the shortcut for the program on your desktop and double click it (may or may not be there)
Pin the program to the taskbar and click it (easiest)
SOLUTION: Pin your favorite programs / applications to your taskbar.
Open the program (using one of the steps listed above)
See the icon for the opened program on your taskbar
Right click that icon, then click “pin to taskbar”
When the program is closed, its icon remains on the taskbar. A single click opens the program in the future.
ADVANCED NOTE: you can right click and “unpin from taskbar” any programs you do not run frequently.
Now you have an easier way to open the programs that you run most often.
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