Have Effective Protection Software: Anti-malware, Anti-advertising and Patch Management

WHY: The most frequent problems with a computer are caused by malicious software (malware). Malware causes a computer to run slow, pop-up ads and scareware, interfere with internet, replace browser homepages, and stop programs from running.
SOLUTION: Once the malware is removed by your technical support, the only way to keep the invaders out and keep your computer healthy is to install robust, effective protection: anti-malware software, anti-advertising software, and patch management software.
Anti-malware / anti-virus software: You will want effective anti-malware protection. AV Comparatives rates anti-virus and anti-malware software. Options that I recommend follow; each cost $40 annually:
Emsisoft Anti-Malware: This anti-malware software stops over 95% of 12 million known malware threats from getting into your computer.
Malwarebytes: This anti-malware software has a great search and destroy database and can quarantine over 8.5 million known threats.
Heimdal Pro: This anti-malware software stops anything incoming from known malicious sites.
NOTE Windows Defender: This program that comes with Windows is a little better than nothing, in my opinion.
Anti-advertising software: Scammers have discovered how to invade your computer through the advertising spaces on websites. You will want an effective ad-blocker to keep them out. The ad-blocker that I recommend is AdGuard; it costs $25 annually.
Patch Management software: Microsoft does a good job of keeping Windows software up-to-date. Other software on your computer also need to be regularly updated so that it is not vulnerable to letting scammers invade your computer. The Patch Manager that I recommend is Heimdal.
Once the protection software in installed on your computer, it protects you with very minimal attention. A computer without malware runs well and is easier to use.
I am an authorized reseller for this effective protective software. If you need more help, you may contact Linda at https://computerandinternethelp.com/contact-us/ .