As a Certified Malware Removal Specialist, I am not only an expert on removing malware from your computers, I am also an expert in keeping it out of your computers.  I use a proven package of three security software products that work together to keep your computer healthy.


The Basic Healthy Computer package contains the following and is priced at $120 annually:

  • An anti-malware program that stops 98% of all known intruders
  • An advertising blocker that speeds up browsing and stops threats that try to sneak into your computer in advertising spaces on web pages
  • A software patch manager that keeps all the software on your computer automatically up-to-date
  • An annual checkup to make sure everything is working and to answer your list of questions.


Contact me to find out how to get this Healthy Computer package protecting your computer.


Linda Lindquist, contact us


p.s. If you are interested in knowing more about cyber security, I am able to offer you this FREE  Internet Security Home Study Course, courtesy of KnowBe4, a company that specializes in cyber security training for businesses. I am pleased to offer their Home Study Course to my Healthy Computer clients as a free bonus.


Below is the URL and password to access the home course.


Web Address: https://www.knowbe4.com/homecourse