GET READY FOR TECH BLACK FRIDAY by Linda Lindquist, Computer and Internet Help

Black Friday is a perfect time to save on new technology. But … who wants to venture out to the stores and stand in long lines the get the deals? You don’t have to! What, you say? I have learned to shop at and have the items delivered directly to my doorstep, sometimes the very next day. I love this service! And if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, the shipping is Free. How good is that!
So here are some good ideas for new technology. (Note that there are affiliate links)
1. Do you have too many cords and cables on your desk? Consider a wireless keyboard and mouse.

2. Is your monitor hard to read? Consider getting a larger monitor.

3. To get with the times, consider an Alexa smart device. She answers your questions, plays your favorite music, and can even voice control your smart devices, like plugs and thermostats.

4. Do you love books, but are running out of bookshelf space? Consider a Kindle Fire. You can download inexpensive e-Books from Amazon to read on your Kindle. It can hold thousands of books and can be taken with you anywhere.

5. Are you tired of being tethered to your computer? Consider a tablet. They are small, portable and, when connected to your wi-fi, can do almost everything your computer can do, such as email, surfing the web, online banking, getting directions, and more, right from your easy chair in front of the TV. Android tablets are less expensive than iPad air tablets (recommend you buy from Apple), but both are great.

6. If you have an older laptop running XP, Vista or even Windows 7, consider upgrading to a new Intel Core i5 laptop running Windows 10. Prices are lower that you expect.

7. Your tower computer may be ready for an upgrade, if it is older.

8. The price for larger, flat screen TVs has come way down. Consider upgrading to a newer, larger flat screen TV, especially if yours is a boat anchor!