2021 – A New Year! New Goals

2021 – A New Year!  New Goals

By Linda Lindquist


2020 was dominated by the exponential increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths.  We tried to protect ourselves and our neighbors by wearing masks, limiting groups, physical distancing, and washing our hands frequently.  With the release of three vaccines for the coronavirus, I hope that each of us who want to can be vaccinated during 2021.


Being creative, I successfully pivoted my business model from in-person to remote support  in order to continue servicing your computer need and protect you from malware.  I also started a subscription service for my clients, Q&A with Linda, to answer computer questions once a month over  Zoom.


For 2021, my  goals tap into the creativity that served me well last year.  While my 2021 goals may seem ambitious, I am excited to be  working on each one over the course of the coming year.


To bring more value to  you, my clients:

  1. Increase participation in Q&A with Linda over Zoom, by 3  subscribers each month.  You’ve told me you wish you had more time to ask me your questions. 
  2. Perform your Annual Checkup Service in Zoom groups during the month that your Emsisoft anti-malware software license expires.  You’ve told me that you wish you know 1% of what I know; this is your chance to have hands-on learning. 
  3. Publish weekly articles with information you can use for safer and easier use of your computer.


To transfer my knowledge and experience to other computer service providers:

  1. Release online training “Revenue by Protecting PCs Blueprint” with bonus book.
  2. Release online coaching program “Managing Recurring Revenue  by Protecting PCs Program


Offer training for parents of school children:

  1.  Release online training “Protecting Your Kids Online


I appreciate each of you, my clients, who have trusted me to keep your computers healthy, and who continue to call me for computer issues.  I am happy to continue servicing your computer needs during 2021.  Happy New Year!  Be well!