A New Year 2021

There is hope – several vaccines have been developed and are starting to be available to inoculate us against the COVID-19 virus.  Being vaccinated not only protects us, but also helps slow the spread of the virus, helps our overwhelmed hospital systems and frontline medical workers, helps our economy to open up, and helps return our lives to some semblance of normal again.  This can only happen if we each get vaccinated when the vaccine is available for us. 

We also have a new government administration starting on January 20th.  They have been communicating their plans to address the multiple crises that our country faces: the health and economic crises brought on by the pandemic, the social injustice crisis brought to light by police killing people of color this past year, the climate crisis brought on by too much caron dioxide in our atmosphere, and the impending social security crisis brought on by our past-President’s executive order that stopped payroll taxes that fund our social security system.  I wish our government success in solving these societal problems.

I have many goals this year to improve my business and bring more valuable services to you – but more about that later as they are closer to release.

I wish you a return to ‘normal’ during 2021.  During the year, continue to be well.

Linda Lindquist