Linda Lindquist, Computer and Internet Help, 239-567-0104 The Google CHROME browser has some advantages if you sign into it with a Gmail account and set the SYNC option. It can remember your favorite bookmarks and your saved passwords. With so many of my clients forgetting their passwords, I recommend the use of Chrome and sync. On one computer this feature is valuable. With Chrome installed on multiple devices (computer, tablet, smart phone), signed in and synced, this feature is priceless! You will see your favorite bookmarks on each device. On each device, you will be able to sign into your favorite websites, without having to look up your passwords. How good is that!! One of the most time consuming and frustrating calls I make is when a client does not remember their passwords. Of course, you would only do this on your own personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Do not do this if you do not own the device. Chrome with sync has been especially valuable when installing a new computer. Download and install Chrome, sign in with your Gmail account, and set sync, and your bookmarks and passwords are known to your new computer. Try Chrome with sync. I think you will like it!