Backing Up Your Computer

Linda Lindquist, 239-567-0104

In my last message, we examined how to protect your computer from malware using a suite of three security software products and to automate updating your vulnerable outdated software.

In this massage, we address backing up your computer files, like documents, spreadsheets and pictures.  These are precious to you and could be irreplaceable if your hard disk drive crashes or the computer refuses to boot up.  The answer is to create a duplicate copy on another storage device (not your computer).  A problem is that, left to our memory to do a manual backup, we often just forget!!

The best solution is to automate the process.  When a file is added or changed, that change gets made to your backup copy.  I like backup to the cloud because it is not at the same location as your computer.  Your personal files are safe should a hacker encrypt or lock your files and demand a ransom to access them again. Even if your computer is damaged by lightning, fire or flood (God forbid), your personal data is safe "off-site" and can be recovered onto a new computer, if needed.

Carbonite backup services offers secure, unlimited file storage for a low fixed price -- a perfect solution!

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