94% of Malware is delivered in e-mail, intending to defraud you and steal your identity (according to The e-mail often is delivered to your JUNK or SPAM folder, but sometimes lands in your INBOX.

There are 10 types of e-mail threats to be aware of, avoid and delete. Do not click on attachments or URL links in these e-mails. Do not call any phone numbers in these e-mails.

1. Spam - These unsolicited e-mails from senders you do not know flood your e-mail with offers for products and prizes. This type of e-mail is time-wasting and could cost you money.

2. Malware - Malicious software can be delivered in attachments and URL links to websites that deliver Malware (virus, spyware, ransomware).

3. Data ex-filtration - This Malware harvests your data and transfers it to others without your authorization. One symptom is a slow computer.

4. URL phishing - These e-mails contain malicious links to fake websites.

5. Scamming - These e-mails defraud victims or steal your identity. They trick you to divulge personal information, pretending to be about investments, inheritance, lottery prizes or fund transfers.

6. Domain impersonation - a subtle change to a domain name in an e-mail address or website tricks you to think the e-mail is from a legitimate company.

7. Brand impersonation - These e-mails impersonate a company brand logo to trick you to respond and disclose personal or sensitive information. They may include a link to sign into your account; this is how the scammer gets your sign-in credentials to e-mail, bank or purchasing accounts. They may ask you to call for a refund for a fraudulent charge.

8. Extortion - These blackmail e-mails threaten to release compromising material unless you pay up.

9. Lateral phishing - These e-mails use stolen e-mail addresses from hacked accounts to send fraudulent and phishing e-mails.

10. Account takeover - When an account is compromised by hackers, they send malicious and spam e-mails to the contacts in your address book.

E-mail is a valuable service for communicating with your family, friends and associates. Just be aware that you may receive some e-mail that is intended to harm you or your computer!

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By Linda Lindquist, October 4, 2021