Christmas 2020

This has been a different holiday and indeed, a different year in 2020!

Most of us have been isolated in our homes since March – only venturing out for food, doctors’ appointments, and the pharmacy.  Masking up, washing up, physically distancing, and not eating out.  Our lives have been disrupted by the pandemic.

I am so happy to know that our actions have kept so many of us safe and physically healthy.  Hopefully, the isolation has not caused too much of an emotional toll.  Continue to reach out to your family and friends by phone to stay connected.  I have been fortunate to stay connected with my clients by pivoting my business to use remote support technology to be able to continue supporting you.

Most likely, you or your family are not traveling to be together this holiday due to the pandemic COVID-19 virus that is rampaging out of control.  I wish you and yours health.  By using video technology like Skype, Zoom, Facetime or Duo, may you enjoy some “face time” together this holiday season.

Continue to be well.

Linda Lindquist