Detect, Remove And Protect

Residential computers, as well as businesses, are targets for malicious software threats run by cyber criminals. Businesses are more likely to be attacked by ransomware, a form of malicious software that locks access to all computer data on the business network, then demands a huge ransom from the company to unlock the data files. Residents are more likely to be attacked by malware and phishing e-mails. Malware snoops around your computer files for personal information or tries to defraud you of your money. The most frequently reported symptom of malware is a very slow computer. There are free diagnostic tools that can be downloaded from the internet to detect and remove (quarantine) malware on your computer. Once installed, it is easy to scan and quarantine any malicious software they find, cleaning up your computer. I recommend Malwarebytes AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes anti-malware. In order to keep your computer safe from malware attacks, you need robust, effective anti-malware protection. This software checks files as they are opened for malware and performs regular, scheduled scans to detect and remove malware. I recommend Emsisoft anti-malware. If you suspect that your computer has been attacked by malware, contact us to detect, remove and protect your computer. I am committed to protect your computers at an affordable price. Thank you for trusting me to keep your computers healthy. Contact us at 239-567-0104 when it is time to renew your protection software, or if you need computer and internet help. Be well. Call 239-567-0104 to learn about our new monthly training program “Learn Computers 101.” By Linda Lindquist, October 31, 2022