By Linda Lindquist


An earlier article from me discussed methods to record and retrieve your passwords for the websites that you visit. This article continues the discussion about passwords. There is a special class of passwords - those used to sign into your devices.


What is a device password?

These are the passwords that are used to unlock your devices for use:

  • Microsoft – sign-on password and PIN (for your computer or laptop)
  • Apple – unlock passcode and Apple ID email and password (for your iPhone, iPad, or iMac)
  • Android – Google email and password (for your Android phone, tablet, or Chromebook)


Why is it especially important to record these passwords?

None of us are getting any younger. If you forget a device password, become ill, or God forbid pass away, neither you, your family or the executor for your estate will be able to access any of the data on that device. For security reasons, Apple will not give you your password, Microsoft will not give you your password, Google will not give you your password. Too many attempts with the wrong password makes the device think it has been stolen. The device may be locked. Too many more attempts and your device may be wiped of all data!!


What you can do

Write down your device passwords in your list, address book, or little password book (and remember to update it should you change the device sign on password). Put a note with your important papers about where to find your device passwords.


You will enjoy using your device with less frustration when the password to sign in to turn on your device is known.