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Now what?!?  You are on the internet and suddenly your computer freezes with an alert to call Microsoft tech support immediately or else you will lose all your files.  Sometimes a person speaks from your computer; sometimes your computer beeps loud and incessantly; sometimes your mouse is frozen. 

What happened?  A scammer has hijacked your browser and redirected your page to their malicious code.

What can you do?  Whatever you do, DO NOT call the number!  
You can get your computer back by following these steps.

  • On your keyboard, press these keys simultaneously: CTRL + ALT + DEL
  • Then click TASK MANAGER link from the menu
  • From the Task Manager window, click on your browser line (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Edge), then click END TASK on the bottom right of the window
  • The scary pop-up and any noise should have stopped

When you bring your browser back up, do not Recover or Restore webpages that were active before, and all should be ok.

How does a browser get hijacked?  Scammers have learned how to sneak their malicious code in through advertising blocks on webpages.  Consider purchasing an advertising blocker, such as ADGUARD, to block these scammers.  The cost is just $20 a year from me.