By Linda Lindquist


Many of my clients have printers made by HP.  They make good printers, in my opinion. 


Did you know that HP offers a convenient service called “HP Instant Ink” that is designed to save you both time and money?  With this program, you will never again run out of ink for your printer!


How It works:          Special Instant Ink cartridges keep track of how many pages you print each month.  When you register for the Instant Ink service, you specify how many pages a month you print.  HP charges you a flat monthly fee on your credit card and sends you ink as needed.  You send back empty cartridges in a special envelope, which saves them going to a landfill.  If you go over your allotted pages, you are charged another $1.00 for each extra 10 pages printed that month.  If you do not use the allotted pages, up to 3 months of unused printed pages ‘roll over’ to the next month. 

  • < 15 pages @ $0.99 / month, (45-page rollover)
  • < 50 pages @ $2.99 / month,  (150-page rollover)
  • < 100 pages @ $4.99 / month, (300-page rollover)
  • < 300 pages @ $11.99 / month, (900-page rollover)


How to enroll:         To sign up for Instant Ink, click here https://instantink.hpconnected.com/us/en/l/  

NOTE:  You may need to print a claim page on your printer from the web services icon.


Bonus gift from me:     When you enroll, use this code gqZft to get one free month of instant ink.


I personally love this service.  Ink for my printer is always on hand when I need it and I pay less than 50% a year for ink for my printer (I print 300-320 pages a month).  HP’s convenient Instant Ink service saves me time, money, and aggravation.