As we age, our vision sometimes deteriorates making it harder to see what’s on our computer monitor. There are several ways to increase the size of the text on your computer screen and make it easier to see what’s displayed on your computer display screen.

If you have a mouse with a scrolling wheel, the easiest way is to hold the CTRL key on your keyboard (bottom left) and roll the scroll wheel on the mouse. Rolling toward you makes the text smaller; rolling away makes the text larger.

There are settings in Windows 10 that can make all text larger all the time.

Start menu / settings /

  • DISPLAY / SCALE AND LAYOUT - there is a drop down menu that allows text size to range from 100% to 175%
  • EASE OF ACCESS / DISPLAY - there is a slide bar for making text bigger, a drop down to enlarge everything 100% - 175%, and another to adjust brightness of the screen
  • PERSONALIZATION / FONTS - you can choose cleaner fonts and even make all characters bold so they can be more easily seen

I hope that you have good vision, but if you are having trouble seeing your computer screen, try these tips.

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By Linda Lindquist, September 20, 2021