Thank you to all my existing and new clients who used my remote services during the past six weeks.

  • Many of you told me that you enjoyed the experience, especially being able to watch your screen and follow along with my description of what I was doing.  Some said it was so easy and asked to schedule your next annual service remotely.
  • I was doubly busy, able to service more requests, sooner, without the time needed to drive between client’s houses.  This added 2 hours a day to be able to help more clients.
  • When a computer was ‘dead’, I picked it up to diagnose, fix if possible, and possibly set up a new computer to return my clients to functional computing, complete with their data recovered from their old computer.

We have endure staying at home to slow the spread of the virus.  Now, businesses and restaurants are starting to open to the public during May, despite the possibility of COVID-19 still being a health threat.  Be sure to distance, wear a face mask, and wash your hands when venturing out.

Most of my clients, and myself, are senior citizens.  Because I am not convinced that we are safe from COVID-19 infections, and because remote support has been so accepted and successful, I am doing remote service only through at least the end of May.

Just contact me if your security software (Emsisoft, Adguard, Thor, Malwarebytes) are expiring and it is time for your annual checkup service, or if your computer is just giving you fits!

At your service

Linda Lindquist
Protecting Your PCs