My Why, How and What I Do - For You!

My Why, How and What I Do - For You!

Linda Lindquist, 239-567-0104

WHY: I care about you, my senior citizen clients!  You are targeted by criminal scammers who try to steal your identity (log in passwords, information in your files) and your money (offering fake technical support services).  Not to be an alarmist, but I see online threats every day!  


HOW: Because of my concern for you, I became an expert in malware detection, removal, and protection.


  • Focusing on detecting and removing malicious software that the criminal scammers have installed on your computers.  The charge for this service is $40 an hour.


  • Installing software on your computers to automate protecting you from the criminal scammers.  The investment ranges from $30 - $160 annually, depending on the level of security protection that you choose.
  1. Detect and quarantine malware and bad behaviors in applications (Emsisoft anti-malware)
  2. Update vulnerable software (Thor software updater)
  3. Blacklist dark web internet traffic and ransomware (Thor foresight)
  4. Block advertisements and Malvertizement (Adguard and Malwarebytes Browser Security)
  5. Back up your documents and pictures (Carbonite)


  • Sending weekly e-mails to educate you about the symptoms of malware, so you can recognize, change your behavior, and stop engaging with the criminal scammers. 


WHAT: This has resulted in a 90% reduction in malware attacks for my clients over the past 8 years!


My ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘what’ is to reduce your risk of losing your identity and money.  If you suspect your computer has malware, call Linda first!  My wish for you is safe computing.