New Service Model


By Linda Lindquist, May 3, 2021,


My commitment to my clients is to bring you the best computer protection and value at an affordable price.


The evolution of my services:

  1. Mobile: For 12 years, my business model was mobile, providing computer services in your home or office. In addition to fixing your computer problems, I detected, removed, and protected your computers from malware because your computers were infected! I got certified as a Malware Removal Specialist.
  2. Remote: In March 2020, in response to pandemic safety advice, I changed to remote service for annual checkups, calls for service and for new clients. I added accepting payment by credit cards, PayPal, or check.
  3. Groups: In January 2021, I created service groups of ‘healthy computer’ clients for annual checkups and security product license renewals at a cost of $110 per device. A ‘healthy computer’ has my recommended protection software installed: Emsisoft Anti-malware, Malwarebytes Browser Guard, Thor Software Updater and Windows 10.
  4. Aha! I realized that ‘healthy computers’ do not need an annual checkup! Due to the 98% efficacy of Windows 10 automated software updates and the installed ‘healthy computer’ protection software, your computers are healthy year-after-year and no longer suffer from repeated infections! To remain healthy, an annual renewal of the licenses for your protection software is required!
  5. Renewals: Starting in May 2021, my service model for ‘healthy computer’ clients is to annually renew your protection software licenses, resulting in savings of both your time and money. I need you to contact me [using this link] when your Emsisoft Anti-malware license is less than 30 days and tell me the license number (I will guide you how to find it). I will renew your licenses and send you an invoice for $50 per protected computer (a savings of $60 per device for you)! Of course, if you want an annual checkup performed, you may request one and pay the $110.

I appreciate you trusting me to keep your computers healthy and look forward to providing you the best computer protection and value at an affordable price. Contact me [using this link] to arrange for my services or to discuss your specific computer needs. I welcome your ideas for other computer services that you want. Be well!