No Disruption of Services

Computer and Internet Help

No Disruption of Services

With COVID-19 not under control in Florida and affecting people and businesses nationwide, we give you our firm commitment that our level of service, as well as our response times have not been affected. Thank you to the many clients who have asked if I am well and in Florida.  The answer to both questions is yes!  Summer is different this year due to the US-Canada border being closed! 


We are running at full capacity and you can be assured that COVID-19 has not reduced our ability to service your computers.  Since March, we have successfully been providing only remote assistance to protect your health.  If your computer does not turn on, we also offer our clients the option to pick up items at your location, make the necessary repairs in our office, and deliver them back to you ready to go.  If your computer is not repairable, we can help you purchase a new one, and set it up for you.


If you have computer questions or want to know more about how to use your computer, you may want to subscribe to the Q&A with Linda monthly call on the second Friday of each month.  Contact for more information.

If there is anything else we can assist you with during these trying times, please feel free to reach out at your convenience.

Linda Lindquist
Phone: 239-567-0104