Ordering Your Printer Ink Online

Ordering Your Printer Ink Online

By Linda Lindquist


We all love our printers, no matter the brand, until they run out of ink at the most inopportune moment, such as printing our tax returns!


Running out of ink has meant a trip to the store to purchase more ink. Due to COVID-19, we are trying to limit unnecessary exposure to the virus by shopping less.


The good news is that you may purchase printer ink on the internet. Many online sources do not charge for shipping and ship ink overnight! The procedure is simple:

  1. To determine which cartridge is low, check ink levels on the printer’s display or using the printer software on your computer.
  2. Take the cartridge out of the printer to find the number of the ink cartridges to order.
  3. Options to order ink include:
    1. Check your printer manufacturer’s website (supplies webpage).
    2. Search an office supply store’s website (staples, office depot, Walmart, target) for your ink cartridge number.
    3. Search amazon.com for your ink cartridge number
    4. Click add to cart, and checkout from your selected online supplier; add a credit card or PayPal for payment.
    5. If you have an HP printer, you may sign up for instant ink. Shipment of ink to your door is automated when your printer runs low on ink.
    6. The ink will ship to your door.


I have been ordering ink online for the past 10 years and find it convenient, safe, and easy.


NOTE that your printer notifies you that it is low on ink a few weeks before it is out of ink. This allows you time to purchase replacement ink.


Continue to enjoy your printer and be well.