Password Tips

² Know your passwords. Your life will be less frustrating, especially if you need to get a new computer.

² Keep your passwords in one place - a small notebook or address book works well. One account per page: record the name of the website or app, the user id, password used for access, and date the entry.

² If you turn on Google Sync, you can save website passwords in your Google account.

² Write down and know the password / PIN you use to sign on to your computer (our memories aren’t what they used to be).

² Make unique passwords for each account.  That way hacked credentials from one account cannot be used by scammers to get into your other accounts.

² Use strong passwords - 8 characters, with CAPS, lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

² Write down and know the name and password for your Wi-Fi (your visitors will thank you).


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By Linda Lindquist,  November 7, 2022