Power Rebooting Your Router

You may think your Wi-Fi router is working OK because some of your devices can access the internet. Yet, some of your other devices, such as your Wi-Fi printer, are offline or not working properly.


Sometimes, especially after a lightning storm where power suddenly goes out and just as suddenly comes back on, a power surge causes the circuitry in your Wi-Fi router to go into an error retry loop for certain functions.


This error loop can be reset by doing a power reboot of the router:

  1. 1. Unplug the power cord for the modem-router from the wall and from the back of the modem/router.
  2. 2. Count to 30.
  3. 3. Plug the power cord back into the wall and into the modem/router.
  4. 4. Wait about 5 minutes for your Internet Service Provider to recognize that their device is back online.
  5. 5. Try to use your offline device again.
  6. 6. NOTE: you may need to restart your computer and your printer again.


If you need to reset the clock on your microwave after a power glitch, you can use this as an indicator that you may also need to power reboot your modem/router.


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By Linda Lindquist,  July 11, 2022