Protecting You from Malware

Linda Lindquist, 239-567-0104

I am passionate about protecting computer users from the distress and monetary loss when Malware invades your computers. 

What is Malware?

Malware stands for malicious software.  It can enter from phishing emails, email attachments or embedded links, advertisement spaces on websites, fraudulent search results, just to name a few.  It plays havoc with computers: slowing them down; changing search engines and browser home pages; adding snooping extensions to browsers; popping up annoying ads; stealing your password information, files and identity; and convincing you to pay money to the scammers posing as computer ‘help’ from companies you trust.  Malware is rampant and out of control, worse than the spread of the coronavirus! In my experience, 98% of home computers have been infected with malware.

Announcing *New* Coaching Programs

  • The Q&A with Linda program was launched this month for my clients.  On this hour-long monthly call, you get your computer questions answered at a fraction of the cost of an individual appointment.  Even if you don’t have a question, you can learn vicariously.  Those who participated this month gave thumbs up reviews, getting their questions answered about endless pop-ups, security software, ad blockers, and offline Wi-Fi printers.  Sessions are scheduled for the second Friday of each month.  Contact for details about subscribing.
  • The Protect Your PCs program is being launched In August, 2020 specifically for computer technicians to learn my proven process to detect and remove malware and, more important, the software security tools that I use to protect computers from future malware infections!  Guaranteed!! I am excited to share this information with other computer technicians who service home computer users, like I do.  Watch for the announcement in August when registration is opened.

My next three messages will address these topics in more detail, starting with how to detect and remove malware from your computers.