Protecting Your Computers Against Malware

Linda Lindquist, 239-567-0104

In my last message, we looked at how to detect and remove all malware that may have invaded your computer.

In this message, I address how to protect your computer with robust security software that will keep malware out of your computer.  Guaranteed! 

Follow these steps:

  1. Remove existing anti-virus software.  It was not protecting you; after all, it let the malware in.
  2. Now install the suite of security software that will protect your computer: Emsisoft anti-malware, Malwarebytes Browser Guard, Thor Foresight, and Windows update
  • Emsisoft anti-malware becomes your active, real-time, and scheduled scanning protection against malware and viruses in files, programs, websites, and email attachments.  Download and install Emsisoft anti-malware, purchase and apply a license key, then set a few configuration settings.  Schedule a malware scan for Friday at 5 pm, start if missed, scan with lower priority, and automatically quarantine what is detected.  When prompted, also install the Emsisoft Browser Security extension.  Contact me on how to install and license this product.
  • Malwarebytes Browser Guard is an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers that blocks advertisements / Malvertizement, trackers, scams, and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).  Say goodbye to those fake tech support scam pop-ups that freeze your computer so that you call the scammers who want your money and access to your computer.
  • Thor Foresight is an internet guardian that protects your computer from dark web traffic, blocking ransomware that locks you from accessing your own files, and keeping your identity information and passwords from being sent out to the dark web.  It also automatically updates security fixes for your non-Microsoft software.  Contact me on how to install and license this product.
  • Windows Updates install security fixes for your operating system.  To make this automatic, configure the advanced Windows Update option in PC Settings to update all Microsoft software, automatically download fixes, and notify you if a restart is required.  Up to date software is less vulnerable to malware attacks.

Now your computers are protected with a proven suite of security software that keeps malware out. Guaranteed!!  My clients who have this suite of security software do not get infected by Malware.  It is as if your computer is vaccinated against malware infections. Don’t we wish that the coronavirus vaccine were available now! 

In my next message, I will address backup – why it is important to backup your files and how to automate the process.