Q&A with Linda – Recap and Invitation to Subscribe

We have just completed our second remote Q&A with Linda over Zoom and I am so excited with how well it is going!  We meet on the second Friday of each month from 11:30 to 12:30. I answer computer questions submitted by subscribers, sharing my computer screen to demonstrate the answers. There has been good interaction on the calls.  Even if you do not submit a question, you learn vicariously from others.  After the session, I send slides with questions and answers and a video recording of the session to subscribers.    The subscription price is $30 a month.


In the past two months, we have covered the following topics, based on submitted questions:

  • Recognizing Phishing emails
  • How to create a PDF file, and attach it to an email
  • How to name files and folders to find them again
  • How to keep security software updated
  • How to open email attachments
  • What is “Scan to computer is not available”?
  • Why does Thor block malicious activity in Sudoku game?
  • Why does Sudoku game want security software turned off?
  • How to stop annoying pop-ups on lower right
  • How to see what security software is installed, and is it enough
  • Which adblockers are good
  • How to get an offline printer back online


If you are interested in joining this group, send me an email to: QAwithLinda@gmail.com


Be well!

Linda Lindquist