Service Alert – Continuing Remote Services Indefinitely

Service Alert – Continuing Remote Services Indefinitely
Linda Lindquist, Computer and Internet Help

Computer and Internet Help has been providing you with remote-only service since March 2020, due to the health risks to our senior citizens from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although the state of Florida has relaxed restrictions, my reading of our caseloads, deaths, hospitalizations, and current events indicate that the coronavirus threat is still with us.  Therefore, I have decided to continue servicing your computer needs remotely - indefinitely.  Or at least until we are all vaccinated.

You have told me that you like being able to sit in front of your computer screen while I work.  You are on the phone with me while I work, ask me questions, and can even take over control of the mouse to interactively show me what is happening on your computer. 

In selected cases, where your computer will not turn on, we schedule a pick-up or drop off, so I can diagnose the problem at my home office.  In a few cases, I have ordered a new computer, set it up and delivered it to you.  When nothing else works, I occasionally mask up and come to your homes.

This summer, I added a new subscriber service Q&A with Linda to answer your computer questions over Zoom once a month.  It has been well received, with great questions being submitted by subscribers, who receive a video recording and slides after each session.  If you struggle with knowing how to use your computer, call me to discuss joining this monthly video-connected group.

Although I miss seeing you all face-to-face, I appreciate your understanding and your continued trust in my ability to keep your computers healthy- remotely.  My prayers are for you to be well, and for there to be an end to the pandemic.

Linda Lindquist
Owner, Computer and Internet Help