Computer software evolves over time: new features and problem fixes are released periodically by the publisher of the software.

Why is it important to keep your software updated?
Out-of-date software is vulnerable to scammers and hackers entering your computer through security flaws in the software. These flaws may have been previously fixed by the publisher, but because you did not update the software, you are vulnerable to attacks.

What software on your computer needs to be updated?
Windows 10: Software that makes operating system and Microsoft products functional.

  • To update Windows 10 software, click Start Menu / Settings / Update and Security / Check for updates / Download and Install / Restart (when complete)

Drivers: Software that makes hardware work better.

  • To update drivers, click Start Menu / Settings / Update and Security / Optional Updates / Drivers / select, download and install
  • Your computer manufacturer may have software installed on your computer to find, download and install driver updates.
  • DO NOT use any other driver update programs (this is a popular source of malware)

Third-party software: Software that is provided by vendors for specific purposes (e.g., Chrome, Quicken, etc.)

  • To update third-party software automatically, download and install Heimdal Thor Foresight Software Updater. Check the boxes to monitor and auto-update all third-party software on your computer.

You will experience fewer problems and your computer will be safer by keeping your software up-to-date.

I am committed to protect your computers at an affordable price. Thank you for trusting me to keep your computers healthy. Contact us at 239-567-0104 when it is time to renew your protection software, or if you need computer and internet help. Be well.

By Linda Lindquist, September 13, 2021 https://www.computerandinternethelp.com/contact-us