Are Computer Problems Bugging You?

Get your system back online in North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral FL

Using a computer always starts out simply enough, but when malware or software glitches appear, headaches usually follow. The experienced techs at Computer & Internet Help can help with computer troubleshooting, malware and spyware removal and other issues. We handle most Apple and PC repairs in short order.

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Know when to call an expert

Sometimes a simple hiccup in your computer system can be solved by restarting the program or machine. In other instances, a bit more knowledge is necessary to troubleshoot and take care of the problem. Call Computer & Internet Help if you experience:

  • A slow computer
  • Freeze-ups
  • Delays accessing files
  • Signs of malware or viruses
  • Constant crashes
  • Unusual noises
  • Inability to get the computer started

You can trust that your machine is in good hands when you call us. Discover peace of mind when it comes to your computer by letting us tackle your problems today.