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Whether you have a small team or a growing company, it's important to protect the information that is being stored or transmitted. In addition to comprehensive computer and internet services, the trusted computer techs at Computer & Internet Help also sell the latest products designed to protect your data.

WE ARE AUTHORIZED TO SELL. Change to We have Bundles Set up for your Business Needs:

We now offer value packages at an affordable monthly fee that bundle together computer protection, file backup and computer literacy training products and services to fit the needs of small business sizes Basic:

  • Malware protection: Emisisoft, Hemidal Pro Foresight, Malwarebytes
  • Adware: Adguard
  • Annual checkups and license renewal Blocker,


Backup Solutions

  • Carbonite Safe Backup
  • Carroll-net Healthy Server Backup
  • Password Manager: Sticky Passwords, ads another layer of protection for your business

Premium Tier

  • To enhance your computer knowledge, we offer an award-winning computer literacy training package of over 100 courses for less that $100.
  • To protect your computer files, we offer automated backup service for $75 annual fee.
  • Carroll-net Healthy Server Backup