Get Online in No Time

We'll configure your computer in North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral FL

While today’s smart phones have made people more tech savvy, it’s still not as easy to set up a computer once you’ve taken it out of the box. The experienced technicians at Computer & Internet Help can get your computer organized and operational while making sure it has everything you need. We will help with:

  • Initial setup
  • Getting connected to the internet
  • Trial software removal
  • Printer setup
  • Software updates
  • Software installation
  • Transferring your files & bookmarks

Make sure your system is set up correctly from the start by contacting Computer & Internet Help today in North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral FL.

Keep your system secure

In addition to simply getting your computer up and connected, we will also help set you up for success in the long term. Our technicians will walk you through the process of backing up your data or recovering lost information, upgrading software, removing malware and keeping your system secure.

Call 239-567-0104 today to make an appointment to set up your computer.