2023 Goals

The New Year is traditionally a time to set resolutions for the coming year.  If you are anything like me, by February 1, you will have forgotten that you wanted to lose 20 pounds, walk every day, and stay more in touch with your friends.


I have found it more useful to write down several goals for the coming year. Identify the next steps (tasks) for the 3 highest priority goals. Review progress toward achieving them each week.

A SMART goal formula is:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Achievable

R = Realistic

T = Time Based


Hurricane Ian and a broken pipe in my home threw a monkey wrench into my achievement of my 2022 goals! September’s disasters handed me more tasks than I could possibly do! I stayed sane from overwhelm by using this mantra: “I focus on one task to completion every day.” I am so grateful for Roger coming to Florida early and pitching in to help.


My goals for the first quarter of 2023 cover persona, simplifying and business aspects of my life:

  1. 1. (Personal): Recover hurricane damage to 4 houses and 1 car by April 2023.
  2. 2. (Simplifying): Reduce “stuff” and papers in my house by 50%.
  3. 3. (Business): Expand my “Learn Computer 101” training program by 80 new members during 1Q 2023.


I wish you a New Year where you can recover from Hurricane Ian damages, and Be Well.


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By Linda Lindquist,  January 2, 2023