My commitment to my clients is to give you the best computer protection and value at an affordable price. In the interest of transparency, my rates are listed below:

Computer Service:

  • License Renewal: $50 - Renew or start ‘Healthy Computer” protection software for $50 per device per year. 3 computers can be protected for $110 (a savings of $40).
  • Hourly:  $55 an hour - Starting March 1, 2023 my hourly rate for servicing client’s computer needs is adjusting to $55. Once you are a ‘healthy computer’ client, you may schedule service as needed at the current rate of $45 per hour. Where possible, I provide services remotely, by appointment. 
  • Annual service call - $50 flat fee upon request.
  • Block Time - $175 – Five prepaid, discounted hours of service ($35 an hour). May be used in half-hour increments, by appointment. 
  • Phone advice: Calls that are less than 10 minutes are supplied pro bono (no charge) 

New Computers and Printers:

  •  New computer installations:  $200 - When you need to replace your older computer, I can help you set it up, and make it functional and ‘healthy’ by transferring your files from your old computer, installing your printer, adding software to read your office and PDF files, setting up your email, and installing protection software to make it a ‘healthy computer.’  
  • Operating system upgrades: $120 - Sometimes your existing Windows or MAC computer requires an upgrade to the latest version of the Operating System. 
  • Old computer disposal: $80 - If you no longer plan to use your old computer, it needs to be cleaned up so no one can steal your information (passwords, files, identity) before safely and properly recycling it. 
  • Wi-Fi printer installation: $55 + $10 per other devices - when you replace your old printer, your new printer needs to be installed, made WI-FI capable and configured to work from your computer, smart phones, tablets, and kindle devices. The price to install a new printer is $55 plus $10 for each device it is added to.
  • Diagnostic fee:  $50 - The fee for diagnosing a non-repairable computer is $50, no matter how much time I persevere in trying to make it work.

Your Data:

  •  Backup services: $80 - your personal pictures and documents need to be backed up to protect them from loss. Backup can be manual to an external disk drive or automated to a backup service. A flash drive and instructions on how to back up are included in the price of manual backup. Automated backup service is installed, started for you and renewal is billed annually. 
  • Data retrieval:  $80 - If the hard drive fails on your computer and you had no backup, I may be able to retrieve your files from the ‘dead’ hard drive to a flash drive (included in the price). No guarantees.


  • Q&A with Linda subscription: $25 a month - I answer questions once a month submitted by subscribers, who receive the written questions and answers and the video replay of the group Zoom call.  Subscribe for a full year for $250 (2 months free)
  • Learn Computer 101:  $25 a month - If you need to learn the computer basics, subscribe to our monthly training session, one hour a month over Zoom. Subscribe for a full year for $250 (2 months free).
  • Education articles:  freebie - Look for regular articles in your email or on my Blog [using this link] about computer topics that you may find valuable.

You will receive an invoice for requested services; invoices may be paid by cash, check, credit card or PayPal. 

I welcome your ideas for other computer services that you want. 

I am committed to protecting your computers at an affordable price. Thank you for trusting me to keep your computers healthy. Contact us at 239-567-0104 to renew your protection software, join our monthly training program “Learn Computer 101”, or schedule computer and printer help. Be well. 

By Linda Lindquist,  February 6, 2023