How to Maximize / Minimize Windows

Clients frequently call because the window they are looking at is “too small” and does not fill the screen. Sometimes, the windows controls to maximize [] the window are “off the screen.”



These simple tips will help you maximize (fill the screen) the window you are working with.

  1. 1. Place the mouse pointer on the top bar of the “too small” window, hold the left mouse button and drag the window up and to the left to show the windows controls.
  2. 2. Double click your mouse on the top bar of the window.  This maximizes the window to fill the screen. NOTE: double clicking again will return the window to its previous size.
  3. 3. Click the [] square maximize box on the top left windows controls to fill the screen with the window.



The - on the top left of the windows controls minimizes the window. It is still running but literally disappears from the screen.  To see the window again, click on its icon on the task bar.


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By Linda Lindquist,  January 23, 2023