On this day, we remember and honor our family and friends who have passed away.  I pray that you love and enjoy your family and life.


The past two years have been scary and disruptive as we watched the death toll from the corona-virus, were locked down, and lost livelihoods. I am thankful for the speed at which the COVID-19 vaccines were developed, tested, and deployed. I believe that the vaccines protected many people from hospitalization and death. I pray that you stay healthy and well, vaccinated and safe.


My heart and prayers are for the citizens of Ukraine who have been killed during the unprovoked war on their country. I cry over the devastation of homes and businesses that have caused millions of Ukrainian families to flee and become refugees in neighboring countries. I am thankful for the generosity of people who are taking in and caring for their neighbors who have fled the war. I hope that the Ukrainian army can continue to resist and push back their aggressors. I am amazed at the resilience, courage, love of country, and stand for democracy that Ukrainian citizens show.  I pray that the war in Ukraine ends, the country and homes are rebuilt, and refugees can be repatriated to the cities and country that they love and identify with.


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By Linda Lindquist,  May 30, 2022