More on Phishing e-mails

More on Phishing e-mails


You may be thinking, not another warning about phishing e-mails!  The fact is that most scams, hoaxes, malware and ransomware starts with a phishing e-mail, designed to trick you into giving out your personal information or credit card.  The phishing e-mail does this by asking you to click a link, open an attachment or call a phone number. The scammer wants to steal your identity, money or infect your device with spyware or malware.


Phishing e-mails are getting more sophisticated, look more real, and can fool even the most savvy of e-mail readers. Don’t be embarrassed if you have fallen for a phishing e-mail.  The best clue that it is phishing is if the “real” e-mail sender is not from the company who supposedly sent you the e-mail. Keep learning.


Phishing e-mails appeal to your emotions and curiosity. Here are the most frequent ones:


  1. 1) ”Greed”
    - to claim your $100 gift card from [CVS / Target / Home Depot / …] complete this survey. 
    - You did not win anything; do not fill out unsolicited surveys.
  2. 2) “Fear”
    - call or click for a refund if you did not make this large purchase from [Amazon / Xfinity / …] 
    - There is no purchase on your credit card; do not call the scammer.
  3. 3) “Protection Expired”
    - Your [Norton / McAfee / …] security has expired and you will be charged a lot to renew. 
    - You do not have this protection; you are not being charged; do not call the number in the email.
  4. 4) “Need Your Personal Information”
    - Need your personal information to release millions of dollars found at [airport / embassy / post office / inheritance]
    - There is no money. DO NOT provide any personal information to anyone you do not know


I continue to diligently search for solutions to block phishing e-mails. Although they exist for corporation domain e-mails, there apparently is NO solution for gmail, AOL, yahoo, comcast, centurylink, embarqmail, hotmail, outlook, live, msn or the e-mail services that you and I use.


The only thing even close to being helpful is security awareness training that can send you a short 2-minute educational video once a week,  While I would be charged $200 a month for a 3-year contract, I can make the awareness training available to you for only $3 a month or $30 a year.  Before I commit to this, I need to know how many of my clients would be interested to learn how to stay safer online.  Please let me know before September 1st.

I am committed to protect your computers at an affordable price. Thank you for trusting me to keep your computers healthy. Contact us at 239-567-0104 when it is time to renew your protection software, or if you need computer and internet help. Be well.


By Linda Lindquist,  September 19, 2022