Computer and Internet Help is excited to announce a brand new pilot training program - Learn Computer 201, taught by Linda Lindquist. This course was developed for those who already have basic computer skills and want more.

Linda has 15-years experience working with senior citizens, and is knowledgeable about Windows computers. She is empathetic to the issues faced by senior citizens to use their computers and stay connected with friends and family, and to live independently as long as possible. Linda is able to present complex topics in simple terms that are easy to understand.

Learn Computer 201 has a clear and concise curriculum that covers essential computer skills and tools. Topics include 12 lessons delivered once a month for an hour: 
l    video calling and messaging
l    scan and email documents
l    online banking and bill pay
l    backing up your files
l    cloud storage
l    voice to text
l    safer shopping online
l    WiFi printing from computer, phone and tablets
l    stop robocalls and scams
l    Recognize phishing emails
l    word processing tips and alternates
l    photos from phone to computer

Lessons are delivered over Zoom on the third Friday of every month for a year from 1 - 2 PM starting August 18. You sit at your computer and watch the demonstration of the lesson (no travel required). There is time to engage and ask questions about the lesson.

You receive:
1.    Lesson plans 
2.    Video replay for each lesson (in case you missed some or all of the lesson). 
3.    A report of some favorite apps (Bonus)
4.    Ability to attend Open Office Hours (Bonus - no extra cost)

The price for this year-long training program is just $25 per month - or $250 if you choose to pay for the entire year in advance (you get 2 moths at no charge).

I invite you to learn more ways to use your computer.  Call Linda at 239-567-0104 before August 7 to discuss enrolling. I look forward to seeing you in the Learn Computer 201 training.  

I am committed to protect your computers at an affordable price. Thank you for trusting me to keep your computers healthy. Contact us at 239-567-0104 when it is time to renew your protection software, to arrange for training, or if you need computer and internet help. Be well. 

By Linda Lindquist,  July 17, 2023