Some Favorite Apps

With the holidays just around the corner, you may want to consider some of our favorite apps to stay connected with family and to simplify your gift giving.


Video Connect with Family and Friends Online

Can’t physically be with your family over the holidays? No problem.

  • l Google Duo / Meet - Use the Google Duo / Meet app to video call a group of up to 32 family members on their smart cell phones. The app is available from the Apple store or Google Play store.
  • l Zoom - Create a Zoom account to schedule a free video meeting with your family - free up to 45 minutes. Send your family the Zoom link for the scheduled meeting. If they do not yet have zoom installed, instructions are displayed with the connection link.


Shop for Gifts Online

Holiday gift shopping can be a hassle - driving, parking, crowds, walking through stores …

  • l Amazon - Purchase almost anything for yourself or as gifts from this online shopping store.  Have your purchase shipped to your address or as a gift directly to the recipient’s address.  If you are a “Prime member”, shipping is free and speedy.
  • l PayPal - If you are leery of giving your credit card info online, use PayPal. With your PayPal account, your credit card information is masked from the sellers. You select the account to pay with, and the payment is sent to the seller when you checkout. Most sellers accept payment with a PayPal button.


Use technology to make your holidays more connected and easier to shop for, mail and pay for gifts. These apps may also become your favorites.


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By Linda Lindquist,  November 28, 2022