By Linda Lindquist


I have chosen Emsisoft Anti-malware as the security protection product that I recommend and sell to my clients. It is an effective vaccination against malicious software (malware).


You may be wondering how and why I chose this product.

  • The first six years of providing service, I noticed that 98% of the computers that I serviced were infected with malware. Because of this fact, I became an expert in removing malware, and eventually attained the status of Certified Malware Removal Specialist.
  • On some computers, I was repeatedly called back because more malware got in, even though they were using anti-virus software. Back then, I was not sure why.
  • I researched to see if any effective anti-malware software existed that could stop the malware getting in. I discovered a report produced by the independent research agency AV Comparatives. On a regular basis, they select the newest strain of malware and send to computers protected by various security protection products, measuring how many infections are stopped and how many get in. The resulting report shows the effectiveness of security protection products in a bar chart, one bar per product. The least effective security protection products rated at 72% stopping malware (28% of malware was let in). The most effective security protection products rated at 98% (2% of malware was let in).
  • I was surprised to find McAfee, Norton, and Kaspersky products (the “big boys" of security) at the 72% end of the chart!  Emsisoft anti-malware was at the 98% end of the chart. The difference between 72% and 98% effectiveness is significant.
  • Although I was unfamiliar with this product, I put it on my computer, surprised when it detected 6 threats on my laptop! and did not slow down the computer.  I installed Emsisoft anti-malware on a computer that was getting repeatedly infected. It quarantined 46 threats! During the next three months, the client did not make any service calls, and there was no more malware on that computer.
  • I was sold on the effectiveness of Emsisoft anti-malware to stop malware infections! The results were priceless!


  • During the past seven years, I have been selling and installing the Emsisoft anti-malware security protection product and am pleased to have created hundreds of ‘healthy computers’ that do not get reinfected.  At a price tag of $30, it is the best computer vaccination around!


Contact me to install Emsisoft anti-malware security protection product on your computer.