Have You Let a Stranger Into Your Computer?

By Linda Lindquist, Certified Malware Removal Specialist, pccoach@live.com

You would not let a stranger into your home.  Right?

So why would you let a stranger into your computer?

  • They call you on your phone!
  • They pop up on your browser with scary reports and alarms that your computer needs help and you will lose all of your data if you do not call their toll free number
  • They have foreign sounding accents
  • Ironically, the damage they cause is the most frequent reason that you need computer help!

They say they are Windows technical support, there to help you.  NOT! 

They are scammers. 

  • They are after your money.  They ask $299 or $399 for their ‘help’!
  • Even worse, they are after your identity.  They put malicious, snooping software (malware) on your computer, after you let them in!
  • If you refuse to pay them, they often lock you out of your own computer.

Do not let anyone you do not know or trust into your computer.  If you do let them in, you will be calling your favorite local computer support person to make your computer right again.

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