Back Up Your Personal Files

WHY: You may lose all your personal files (documents, pictures, music, videos, downloads, desktop), if:
Your computer hardware breaks down, or your hard drive crashes.
Scammers infect your files with encrypted ransomware, demanding a fee to unlock your files.

SOLUTION: Create a duplicate, backup copy of your personal files – somewhere other than on your computer’s hard drive. Update the backup copy on a regular schedule. The backup copy can then be used to recover your personal files, or to transfer them to a new computer. Costs range from $6 – $100 for storage devices or $6 a month for a backup service.

HOW: A back up copy of your data is stored off your computer: a USB flash drive; a USB external hard drive; a DVD disc; secure space on a backup service.
BACK UP ON A USB FLASH DRIVE: If you choose to back up to a USB flash drive, it is a manual process. You need to select a device that is large enough to hold all your files.
BACK UP ON A USB EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE: There is enough space on an external hard drive to automate the back up. However, it is not a good idea to keep the external drive plugged in all the time, as it could become compromised by ransomware, if your computer is attacked.
BACK UP TO AN AUTOMATED BACK UP SERVICE: A back up service provides a bank of disk space to store your files securely at a different location. Automated backup services are safe and affordable (unlimited storage for around $6 a month). Your data is protected by a user ID and password that you create. The backup is automatic; new and changed files are saved to the service each day. Basically, you set it up and forget it, until you need to recover those files. I recommend the Carbonite backup service, which is a cost effective, daily, unlimited backup service.
RECOVERING YOUR FILES: With a good backup procedure, your files can be recovered up to the date of your last backup. This is invaluable should your computer break down and you need a new computer; your files can be recovered to your new computer.
A good backup brings you peace of mind.
I can back up your files to an external device, and I offer automated, secure backup to a backup service.
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