Seven Ways to Use Your Tablet or Smart Phone

By Linda Lindquist, Computer and Internet Help, 239-567-0104


You may still have a flip phone and insist that you don’t see any need for a smart phone or tablet.  While that may be so, you may want to consider how these devices can make your life easier.  You may just find that you have little need for using your computer once you see the possibilities of using your smart phone or tablet.

1. WI_FI: 

Why: The first thing you’ll need to do is connect the device to your home wi-fi to give the device access to the internet and reduce your cell phone carrier charges which often just provide a limited amount of data and charge you extra when you go over the limit.
How: Find wi-fi in settings, then select your router name and input your router password when asked.

2. E-MAIL: 

Why:  You can catch up on your e-mail while sitting in your easy chair, or even when out of the house.
How:  Configure the e-mail app with your e-mail address and password.  If you have more than one e-mail address, you can configure them all for one-stop access to all you your e-mail accounts.
Tip:  You may want to only view 30 days of e-mail to conserve space on your device.


Why:  It is easy to catch up with the community or grandkids’ Facebook news feeds
How: Download the Facebook app and log in using your Facebook userid and password (I hope that you know what they are!)
Tip:  Turn off the automatic playing of Facebook videos in order to save data usage and increase the performance of the device.


Why:  Google search is a useful, safe, reliable way to search for information stored on the web.
How:  Install the Google app on your device.


Why:  You can get spoken, hands-free, turn-by-turn directions, and a visual map to get you to where you are going when driving (especially useful when driving in Cape Coral)
How:  You can use the built-in Maps app or install the MapQuest app.

6. APPS:  

Why: Apps are design to make you more productive or to add fun to your life.
What:  There are reminder apps, alarm clock apps, online banking apps, kindle book reading apps, news apps, radio apps,  games apps and many more.
How:  Just search to find an app in the Apple apps (for iPhone or iPad) or the Google Play Store (for Android smart phones or tablets). Download and Install on your device.  An icon for the app is put on the device and you click on the icon to run the app.


Why:  the picture quality of photos is amazingly clear, and they are easy to take and show to others.  You can easily e-mail or text them to others to enjoy too.
How:  Open the camera app by clicking on it, point and click the round button.   Find the photo in the photos or gallery app, depending on your smart phone or tablet.


Enjoy the world that awaits you on your smart phone or tablet.